Supporting inclusion and access to ALL sports! Rock N Roll Pickleball is the home of the national Para-Pickleball program. “Rock” is for the standing athlete and “Roll” is for the wheelchair athlete; together we “Rock N Roll.”

We’ve been making the shots for years.  We are the creators and founders of adaptive pickleball, leading a nation of the disabled into para-pickleball potential.
Para-pickleball is for all permanent-physical disabilities. This includes the most severe disabilities and permanent-physical injuries such as Post Traumatic Stress Injuries (formerly known as PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI). At Rock N Roll Pickleball, your membership or club affiliation makes you part of a growing community of support for the growing movement of para-pickleball. Welcome and let us know if you are interested in learning more about para-pickleball.

Rock N Roll Pickleball is fun.  Rock N Roll Pickleball is exciting. Rock N Roll Pickleball is a movement that is taking the nation.   Rock N Roll Pickleball is for everyone.

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Economic Impact of Para-Sport (July 2017)


Economic Impact of Para-Sport (July 2017)

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Rock N Roll Donor Honor Roll

Rock N Roll Donor Honor Roll

A Huge Thank You To Our Rock N Roll Donors Friends of Rock N Roll $1 - $49 Rock Star $50 - $99 High Roller $100 - $249 Top Gun $250 - $499 Rock N Roll Pickleball Hall of Champions $500+  Jerry Brinegar aka Dr. J Kathryn Hardesty Maree Creed  DJ Douglas Ronald Marcoe...

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The Great Rock N Roll Pickleball Paddle Drive

The Great Rock N Roll Pickleball Paddle Drive

  Do you have any old pickleball paddles collecting dust? Donate your new or used paddles to para-pickleball. Join us in our "Thank You For Your Service" Paddle Drive Every day thousands of our military and civil service members become injured or disabled. Thank...

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History & Rules

History & Rules

USAPA SECTION 16 – WHEELCHAIR SPECIFIC RULES A. Basic Play The wheelchair is considered part of the player’s body and all applicable rules that apply to a player’s body will apply to the wheelchair except in non-volley zone as listed below. All applicable rules which...

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I got your six is a military saying. In the military, “I got your six” means I got your back. The saying originated in World War I, when fighter pilots would reference the rear of the plane as six o clock versus the forward facing position of 12 o’clock. Today, the saying represents loyalty, cooperation and camaraderie often found in military culture even after returning home.


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