RNR will no longer respond to any inquiries pertaining the sport of pickleball.

Immediate Press Release (12/27/2017)


Supporting inclusion and access to ALL sports!  “Rock” is for the standing athlete and “Roll” is for the wheelchair athlete; together we “Rock N Roll.”

We’ve been making the shots for years.  We are looking to being a leader in the area of adaptive sports!

“All adaptive athletes will find our sport exciting as well as empowering.
Come join us today.” 
– Rock N Roll Founder, Adrienne Barlow

The following sponsors proudly “Adapted” with Rock N Roll

Thank you to all our Supporters!

Thank you RiverStyks
Thank you Supracor
Thank you Valor Games Far West
ProLite Pickleball

I Got Your Six Sponsors
I got your six is a military saying. In the military, “I got your six” means I got your back. The saying originated in World War I, when fighter pilots would reference the rear of the plane as six o clock versus the forward facing position of 12 o’clock. Today, the saying represents loyalty, cooperation and camaraderie often found in military culture even after returning home.

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