A Huge Thank You
To Our Rock N Roll Donors

Friends of Rock N Roll
$1 – $49
Rock Star
$50 – $99
High Roller
$100 – $249
Top Gun
$250 – $499
Rock N Roll Pickleball Hall of Champions
 Jerry Brinegar aka Dr. J Kathryn Hardesty Maree Creed
 DJ Douglas Ronald Marcoe
 Bob Delaney Sharon Gantz

Rock N Roll Pickleball Honor Guard – $500+

A Lasting Tribute to Lives that Mattered.

When you donate over $500 to Rock N Roll Pickleball, you can honor one’s memory with a biographical depiction of their achievements and honorable nature. An honor guard is a ceremonial unit often military in nature and composed of volunteers who are carefully screened for their physical ability and dexterity.

Rock N Roll Pickleball’s Honor Guard, honors the finest people life has had to offer by acknowledging their lasting impacts of good sportsmanship, volunteerism and life achievements hence continuing to pay it forward. This is the gift that keeps giving with a lasting donation and recognition of lives that mattered.

Please contact us for more information:

This tribute can include ANY sport or other celebrated activity and ANY (disabled or non-disabled) athlete. Please submit a picture and biographical depiction of how your loved one displayed the above characteristics. Thank you for your donation and consideration. Your tribute and donation will have a continued impact on Rock N Roll Pickleball’s mission.



RNR seeks donations to help reduce barriers to its athletes. These contributions can be seen in donated equipment to our Military Veterans, free clinics and tournaments as well other adaptive equipment donations commonly made alongside or within our community work with partners and collaborators. 

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