Rock N Roll Pickleball’s Para-Pickleball Specialist Certification and Ladder-Training Program

Are you interested in Para-pickleball? Want to gain special knowledge and skills to empower others…if so you may want to pursue becoming a Certified Para-Pickleball Specialist. Anyone wanting to lead or instruct an RNR affiliated club and team will be required to pursue this certification. Pursuing this certification lets you become part of an esteemed group of inclusionist in the sport of pickleball and revel in Rock N Roll Pickleball team pride. Two courses per year will be required to maintain a track as a team lead of an RNR affiliated club.

Para-Pickleball Certification and Instructor Development Program

As the creators and founders of adaptive pickleball, we accommodate all permanent-physical disabilities and some permanent injuries. Para-pickleball is not just for wheelchairs. To be proficient in para-pickleball instruction and integration, a defined skillset is needed not only for empowerment but for long-term viability and success of your program and para-pickleball team. Rock N Roll Pickleball works with health care systems and rehabilitation centers across the country. As such, we off classes in: Amputee Pickleball, Stroke (hemiplegic) Pickleball, Brain Injury Pickleball, Wheelchair Pickleball, Movement Disorder Pickleball and much more.

No matter who you are, all para-pickleball credentialing courses will improve your pickleball game. Para-Pickleball Specialist credentials are also for those wishing to become an associate member of Rock N Roll Pickleball. These credentials will allow you to become a team lead or coach of a Rock N Roll Pickleball affiliated club and team.

The diversity of disabilities and the confines of the court as well as the physical demands for lateral movement in the game of pickleball makes teaching athletes with impaired mobility and other impaired functions, a specialized skill. Qualified adaptive pickleball instruction is crucial for the success of any program. Most often when one para-pickleball program fails to succeed, it not only hurts that programs potential but also any future attempts for development at that site by the experts and often on a much larger scale.

As part of the para-pickleball specialist training program for adaptive pickleball, you will learn specific-mobility skills and drills for each of the impairment types accommodated within the Rock N Roll Pickleball Classification System. This includes balance and coordination issues, dysphasia, safety protocols, movement disorders, inclusion methods for integration, brain injury, reasonable accommodations and athletic classification basics.

Another important aspect of becoming a certified para-pickleball instructor is a good understanding of the adaptive equipment, inclusive designs, accessibility and terminology. All these features are included in the para-pickleball specialist credentialing program. This program was specifically designed for the growth and development of para-pickleball teams and affiliated clubs.

Without the proper education on physical adaptations and mobility movements, most attempts at para-pickleball do not succeed or dismantle within its first 90 days. Often without specialized adaptive pickleball skills, you may never develop a sufficient roster for team development. Rock N Roll Pickleball does not ask that you be exclusive or know it all, we just ask that you understand your skill set and refer to the experts when you have questions or uncertainty.

Each class will seek maximum of 10 participants. Each class will have 1-2 scholarships available. One scholarship is always given to a para-athlete.       DOWNLOAD SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION HERE

Pricing and fees for Para-Pickleball instructional training and progression to Certified Para-Pickleball Specialist is:

  • Introduction to Wheelchair Pickleball (preliminary instruction with essentials for success: @ $250 for three day course
    • Day 1 – “Rock N Roll” Introduction (5 hours)
    • Day 2 – Rules, Guidelines and Mobility Basics (5 hours)
    • Day 3 – Putting It Together on the Court and Into a Game (5 hours)
  • Basic Wheelchair Instruction (forming an essential foundation and fundamental start for teaching wheelchair pickleball): @ $250 for three day course
    • Day 1 – Mobility Physics, Introduction to HUB and Getting in Shape (5 hours)
    • Day 2 – Drills and skills for forehand and backhand (5 hours)
    • Day 3 – Drills and skills for NVZ (5 hours)
  • Intermediate Wheelchair Instruction (learning mobility on the court for continued success and competition): @ $250 for three day course
    • Day 1 – Learning about Classification and Para-Tournament Formats (5 hours)
    • Day 2 – Applying Physical Adaptations (5 hours)
    • Day 3 – Serving Essentials and Know You Try It (5 hours)
  • Advanced Wheelchair Instruction ( learning how to put it all together for instruction of the competitive athlete): @ $250 for three day course
    • Day 1 – Constant Motion, Positioning and Instruction of Wheelchair Athlete Considerations, Cross Court Drilling and Control vs Power (5 hours)
    • Day 2 – Push Start Serve, Second Bounce, Sideline Positioning, Midline, Braking and Turning (in and out-turn maneuvers) (5 hours)
    • Day 3- Q & A, Practice and Testing
  • Amputee Pickleball (Introduction to the Different Types of Amputees and Their Needs) @ $220.00
    • Day 1 – Mobility Considerations and Reasonable Accommodations of Athlete in Competition and Recreation
    • Day 2 – Skills and Drills for Amputee (Stepping and Balance)
    • Day 3 – Q & A, Practice and Testing

Para-Pickleball Specialist Ladder (Written Test Required for Terminology, Rules and Inclusive Design)

  • Introductory:
    • Day 1: Rules, Practice and Equipment (5 hours)
    • Day 2: Scoring, Ethics and Practice (5 hours)
    • Day 3: More Rules and More Practice (5 hours)
  • Developing Specialist:
  • Day 1: Who Plays Para-Pickleball, How They Adapt and Classification Basics (5 hours)
  • Day 2: Integration, Inclusive Design and Specific Rules and How They Impact Athlete            (5 hours)
  • Day 3: Requesting Reasonable Accommodations and Testing (5 hours)
  • Technician: Teaching Advanced Physical Adaptations in Safe and Reliable Manner @ $75.00
  • Day 1: Stroke Survivors, Dysphasia and Restricted Mobility (3 hours)
  • Last 2 hours set-aside for Practice, Q & A and Refreshers (2 hours)
  • Day 2: Movement Disorders, PTS and TBI (3 hours)
  • Last 2 hours set-aside for Practice, Q & A and Refreshers (2 hours)
  • Specialist: Making it Real “I Adapted”
  • Day 1: HIPPA Training, Confidentiality, Guidelines and Regional Training Centers (Mandatory for RNR Team Leaders) (3 hours)
  • Last 2 hours Set-Aside for Practice, Q & A and Refreshers (2 hours)
  • Day 2: Skills, Drills, Testing and Good Luck! (5 hours)


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