RNR strives for nothing short of ”excellence in empowerment” in all its programming and representation, therefore RNR offers at least one empowerment scholarship with each of its Para-Pickleball training opportunities. In preparation for the National Veteran Wheelchair Games (NVWG) in Cincinnati, OH, RNRs has available opportunities for those wishing to pursue becoming a Certified Para-Pickleball Specialist. On July 14-18, 2017, Wight State University will host a Rock N Roll Pickleball Introduction to Wheelchair Pickleball class. This is the first of four specialized wheelchair pickleball classes offered by Rock N Roll Pickleball required to become a Certified Para-Pickleball Specialist. There are a total of nine courses needed for Para-Pickleball Specialist certification. Priority placement in this class is given to NVWG volunteers. Each class has a limit of 10 participants. As part of its collaboration with Wright State University, RNR will offer two Empowerment Scholarships to the Introduction to Wheelchair Pickleball Class at Wright State University. One scholarship will be given to a para-athlete and one scholarship will be given to a Wright State student. For more information on this collaboration and an application please go to http://rocknrollpickleball.com/rock-n-roll-pickleball-and-wright-state-university-announce-collaboration/.

For more information on becoming a Certified Para-Pickleball Specialist please go to http://rocknrollpickleball.com/now-available-certified-para-pickleball-specialist-training/.

Empowerment Scholarship Applications are NOW OPEN. Good luck!

What is Pickleball? Pickleball is like “ping-pong on steroids.” Pickleball is played on a badminton size court, with a tennis type net, a wiffle ball and with an oversized ping-pong paddle. A non-volley zone keeps the game challenging by emphasizing strategy and control vs physical prowess. Lighter weight racquets/paddles, along with a lighter ball on a 20’W X 44’L court, about 1/3 the size of a tennis court, makes pickleball an excellent adaptive sport.


Priority for all July 14-18th, 2017 class participation is given to National Veteran Wheelchair Games volunteers on July 19 and/or July 22, 2017. To be placed on the wait list, please contact Rock N Roll Pickleball.

  • Deadline for scholarship application is April 10, 2017.
  • April 20, 2017, scholarship recipients announced.
  • April 20, 2017, open registration for Introduction to Wheelchair Pickleball at Wright State begins. Of the eight remaining slots, four slots will be reserved for Wright State University students and four will be made available to the pickleball community at large.

Introduction to Wheelchair Pickleball (preliminary instruction with essentials for basic instruction)

Participants will begin ladder progression for obtaining para-pickleball specialists credentials. Satisfactory or unsatisfactory ratings will be posted.

  • July 15, 2017 1pm – 6pm    Rock N Roll Introduction
  • July 16, 2017 1pm – 6pm    Rules, Guidelines and Mobility Basics
  • July 17, 2017 4pm – 9pm    Putting It Together on the Court and Into a Game

Adaptive Assistant Training for the NVWG will be held on July 18, 2017, from 4:00-7:00pm. Please contact Rock N Roll Pickleball at Adrienne@rocknrollpickleball.com if you are interested in this special offering. As an Adaptive Assistant, you will assist athletes as needed with chair transfers and adaptive equipment such as wheelchairs, taping and strapping.

Other volunteer opportunities are still available for the NVWG. Please contact Rock N Roll Pickleball if you are interested in helping out. For more information on Rock N Roll Pickleball at the NVWG see to http://rocknrollpickleball.com/para-pickleball-debuts-at-national-wheelchair-games/.

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