Baton Rouge, LA
October 26-29, 2017

Rock N Roll Pickleball is happy to announce its collaboration with the Baton Rouge Wheelchair Tennis Association (BRWTA). In an effort to increase awareness and participation of wheelchair sports, the Baton Rouge Wheelchair Tennis Association and Rock N Roll have collaborated to introduce the sport of wheelchair pickleball to Hallowheel 2017. Hallowheel is a charity Tennis Tournament used to raise funds for the Cajun Classic Wheelchair Tennis Tournament. Representing 19 countries and 23 states, the Cajun Classic hosts 13 of the world’s top-10 professionals as well as 115 pros and amateurs.

In support of Rock N Roll Pickleball’s mission of inclusion and access to ALL sports, Hallowheel will raise funds for Rock N Roll Pickleball, thus supporting the advent of wheelchair pickleball alongside wheelchair-tennis competitors. Together with the BRWTA, Rock N Roll Pickleball will celebrate sport as a means of empowering individuals and strengthening community.

Location: BREC’s Highland Park Tennis Center, N. Amiss Drive, Baton Rouge, LA
Exhibition Dates and Times: October 27, 2017 6pm – 8pm
October 28, 2017 12pm-2pm

 Halloween Costume Contest – In late September, you will be able to nominate costumes for Adrienne to wear at the Costume Party. The most popular costume nominations will be selected for voting. The costume suggestion raising the most money for Rock N Roll Pickleball’s mission will be worn by Founder & Executive Director, Adrienne Barlow, at the Hallowheel Costume Party. Hurry and get your votes in for your favorite costume suggestion.
 Rock N Roll Pickleball T-Shirts will be available for order

Please contact: Adrienne Barlow email: to sponsor, donate or for more information about Rock N Roll Pickleball.



After our Founder’s speech at the opening ceremonies, Rock N Roll Pickleball was notified that Baton Rouge, LA will get their first set of outdoor pickleball courts. Highland Park Tennis Center will stripe two tennis courts with pickleball lines for inclusion with their tennis program. Both pickleball courts will be adapted pickleball court dimensions in accord with the criteria developed by Rock N Roll Pickleball.

Thank you for your support Baton Rouge Wheelchair Tennis Association, Highland Park Tennis Center and Tex Morris.
Unfortunately due to many things out of our control, we do not have any pictures or video to share. We apologize for this inconvenience.


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