A successful Rock n Roll Pickleball clinic is fun and informative.
It not only teaches rockers and rollers how to improve their pickleball skills, it also promotes inclusive design of pickleball courts, integrated-competitive pickleball, para-pickleball and every day integrated-life.

With the sport of pickleball as the catalyst for change, Coach Adrienne believes that Rock n Roll Pickleball teaches all about acceptance of the physically challenged rather than promotion of labels and disability misconceptions.

“Not forgetting that both, standing and wheelchair athletes, are entering a court in a competitive state of mind is only the first thing to consider. Standing athletes should keep in mind that wheels do not have brakes like feet and leg muscles do. Wheelchairs are an expensive piece of assistive technology costing on average $4000.00. Respect the need, respect the equipment, respect each other and all will enjoy integrated-pickleball play and competition.”

Come to a “Rock n Roll Pickleball” clinic or exhibition near you to learn how to “rock” alongside a competitive partner you may have never considered otherwise. If you are in a wheelchair, have a permanent physical disability and want more information about para-pickleball or competitive-integrated pickleball opportunities please contact us today.

Adrienne Barlow: adrib0997@gmail.com

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